• Steve Vande Loo , VP Commercialization Strategy

    “Ed has the highest level of integrity of anyone I have had the priveldge of working with. He is a talented and active contributor, a skilled listener and an engaging and inspiring leader. Ed is an individual who can always be counted on. He will be standing right alongside any of his parnters or associates when needed. Ed's word is a solid commitment and a stronger bond than any written contract. Trust is never a concern or question for anyone working with Ed. I would highly recommend Ed as a partner in helping virtually any organization or individual work through the business challenges faced in today's business climate.”

    Steve Vande Loo , VP Commercialization Strategy
    Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • Thomas J. Robinson, Chief Operating Officer

    "Joel Thompson is well-respected and has strong relationships across the industry at all levels of management. his team-player attitude, integrity and leadership qualities bring much value to any task for which he is responsible. He is a trusted source for valuable information, category expertise and market strategies."

    Thomas J. Robinson, Chief Operating Officer
    J. H. Harvey Co., LLC
    Chairman - Board of Directors
    Georgia Food Industry Association

  • Todd Galyon , Director of Sales - Kroger Team

    “Ed Hager represents what every business looks for in a leader, coach or mentor. He has unimpeachable character and integrity. His personal leadership style draws people to him and he never fails to meet people where they are and help develop their strengths and opportunities. Ed has an incredible professional pedigree, leading large companies at the executive level and driving consistent results. His philosophy of putting people first then building on those capabilities has served him well and will continue to do so. I recommend Ed’s work, helping companies understand their opportunities and building solid organizations to reach their objectives. Regardless of the success behind you, Ed can help you build a predictable, positive future.”

    Todd Galyon , Director of Sales - Kroger Team
    Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • Georgia Food Industry Association

    "The Georgia Food Industry Association has been proud to have Joel Thompson serve as one of our Board of Directors. I have been impressed with Joel's abilities as a senior manager with Sara Lee and of the contributions he has made to our industry. He has earned the trust of executives of major chains, such as Kroger, Publix and Food Lion, just to name a few."

    Kathy Kuzava, President
    Georgia Food Industry Association

  • Brad Anderson , VP, Sales & Delivery

    “Joel Thompson is an accomplished executive. He is customer focused and develops strong working relationships with key customers. Joel possesses a strong work ethic. He is a results oriented leader who has a passion for developing others.”

    Brad Anderson , VP, Sales & Delivery
    Sara Lee North America

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