• John Kanipe , Director, Supermarket Sales

    “I worked directly for Ed Hager on the SEBU Supermarket team for several years and Ed always managed and treated his team and his customers the same way.....with honesty, integrity and the way he wanted to be treated. He was a good coach and mentor to all.”

    John Kanipe , Director, Supermarket Sales
    Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • Tom McLaughlin, Vice President -Lakeland Division

    "At all times I have found Joel Thompson to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, conscientious, honest and courteous while being as helpful as possible to satisfy any concerns. Joel has always had Publix best interest at heart during any dealings I have encountered with him, as well as supportive of his company's needs. He has always been focused on satisfying the customer, while protecting the company's position. He is very professional and thorough in his communication and in his meeting agendas. He surrounds himself with strong performers that work with a servant mentality. Joel has a very strong resume and is very studious in his preparation and delivery. That coupled with his genuine personality positions him well in any audience."

    Tom McLaughlin, Vice President -Lakeland Division
    Publix Super Markets, Inc.

  • Cookie Parker , Region Key Account Manager

    “Ed Hager's experiences provide him with a great perspective on people in general and specifically customer relationships which he is more than willing to share with those interested in bettering themselves. Ed's honesty may not always allow him to provide the answer you want to hear, but his integrity provides the reassurance needed to move you to action while also moving you forward.”

    Cookie Parker , Region Key Account Manager
    Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • Coca-Cola Enterprises

    “In addition to being an extremely sound business manager, Ed Hager has a unique ability to engage the people that he works with to make them better in a team environment. There was always a sense of mission when we worked together... and I have tried to replicate this atmosphere with my team and colleagues. I would strongly recommend Ed as a business partner as there is no question that he will drive any project that he engages in to deliver outstanding results!”

    Scott Weiermiller , Director of National Sales
    Coca-Cola Enterprises

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