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Pro Form Group executed as the National Sales Leadership Team with specific focus against the southeast retailers including Publix, Harris Teeter and others.  In the Southeast, we grew at $10M plus in total dollars “year over year” for three years and enjoyed the success and was a critical part of the team when they sold to Campbell’s for $1.5B.

During the single largest acquisition in Campbells Soup’s history, we were instrumental in transitioning the brand to Campbell’s with continued services for an additional 9 months.

The Bolthouse Farms leadership team has had the opportunity to work with the Pro-Form Group on two separate occasions.  In early 2010-2014, PFG played a key role in leading sales efforts for Bolthouse Farms across several major customers that included Kroger, HEB, Publix, AWG, Del Haize and others.  Their efforts were critical to our success in building and successfully selling the company to the Campbell Soup Company.

In the past year after purchasing the company back from Campbells, we rehired PFG to launch our effort to rebuild our business to a “best in class” status.  PFG is incredibly professional, possesses unparalleled customer contacts and provides all the needed skill sets to deliver superior sales, marketing, distribution and financial success to any organization. 

I highly recommend PFG, and know they will be a critical asset to any potential partner.


Jeffery Dunn

Chairman and CEO, Bolthouse Farms


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